The Bornfree Art School is a registered non-profit / non-governmental organization (JAY-4-00291-2009-10), run by the paid staff comprising of Artistic Director, accountant, warden, education facilitators administer it and ensure the day to day smooth running. The Bornfree desires that the Bornfree should be headed by children and youth who have to determine the future of India, to make it strong and a healthy glowing nation. Those who came from the street, got educated and are capable of leading can be trustees of the Bornfree. We are firmly committed to a democratic tradition in the biggest democracy of the world, India.

The trust is comprised of members who have crossed the age of 18 in the Bornfree and be a part of running the organization as well as those who are social concerned and dedicated as artists, lawyers, doctors etc. 

Our organization is granted 12A considered as being in the status of "Charitable Trust" and 80G for the Tax Exemption. You can make a contribution by availing 80G Tax Exemption.

Audited Report
The Bornfree's accounts are audited by the appointed auditor for the assement year of 2011-2012.Read.
John Devaraj
is the founder and the Artistic Director of the Bornfree Art School as well as the trustee. He is an engineer by education, but an artist of the artists by his passion.He is a  Sculptor, Painter, Architect, Cinema and stage Art Director, Musician, Documentary Film Maker, Photographer, play Wright, Actor, Puppeteer Facilitator and Consultant for culture, youth and children's organization and events. He has travelled around the world; an artistic director for youths and children's cultural conference at the United Nations, cultural facilitator in Portugal, Germany, Taiwan, Japan, etc. He was awarded many national awards for his artworks. Recently he was featured as "an Amazing Indian" by Times Now (Check it Out).  and internatYou can read  more about his profile. See his Art Gallery. Read his Artist Manifesto, Ten Commandments of Arts
Currently his studio, ART 9 is located at Kala Soudha, Hannumanthnagar, Bangalore. You can get in touch with him directly by or call by (+91-)988630633.

His latest work.....Check it out!!! John is currently working on....
Son of the Michelangelo 
is his art exhibition happening at ll, on MG Road. Paintings, sculptures, drawings, etc...

La Frida Shanthi
Frida is a gifted artist and the right hand of John Devaraj. She identifies herself as a photographer, however, she is capable of making sculptures, drawings, designing, dancing and singing. Currently she is working as a staff at the Bornfree, being in charge of the girls' hostel, children's art and academic education. She did the first her photographic exhibition, "Two Sisters" on the International Day of Child Labour, 12th June 2011. Read more about Frida. See her work. She is a trustee as well.

She is featured in the Indian Express, 25th October 2012. 

Prashanth Abhay Che
Prashanth was an original member of the Bornfree. He was a flower seller at the City Market and landed up as a street child in Jayanagar for many years. He joined the Bornfree in 2005 and learnt sculpting, painting, drawing, driving etc. He left the Bornfree for sometime to work. 
In 2012, he came back to the Bornfree and now became a warden for boys and staff. He is learning sculpture making under John Devaraj. He became a trustee in 2012.

We have our own cook for the hostel and an accountant at the Bornfree as well. 

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