Artistic Expression

Artistic work for such children is very significant for them to identify themselves, gain confidence and stand on their feet. Art is a therapy and solace for them. The Bornfree conducts music, dance, theatre, photography, filmmaking, sculpting and painting workshops and classes for children and the public. Many creative artistic products have been made among them. 
Drawing/ Painting
The Bornfree teaches children basic sketching and painting as a means to develop confidence and an artistic eye. Many children continue studying painting and sketching in depth. In the first class, children learn points, lines and perspective using drawing pencils. They then progress to drawing parts of the face and experimenting with shading and spacing. Following sketching classes, the children are taught painting and encouraged to complete a work of their own expression.  Let's go to the Bornfree Gallery!

NEW Exhibition 2012
Freedom from Toil~Good Life and Bad Life

Sculpture Making
With the rich experiences of drawing and painting, the children can proceed to sculpting using varied mediums including wood, terracotta, fibre glass, brass and stone. Let's go to the Bornfree Gallery!

Music is the soul of Bornfree, children are always singing, dancing and playing the drums and other instruments. Bornfree teaches and learns many different forms of music, including anything from Indian classical to the Western music. The children can also sing many international songs including songs from Spain, Israel, Japan, the Czech Republic and Cuba. 
The Bornfree School runs a photography workshop for schools entitled “Painting with a light”. In this class, students learn about lighting, focusing, framing, shutter speed, aperture, etc. The school children then work with the children of Bornfree to photograph working children. This allows school children to work with former working children and educate themselves about the topic of child labour while also documenting child labour in India. Please contact us if you would like Bornfree to run this workshop in your school.

History Expedition
The Bornfree children undertook 3000kms bycyle photo expedition to discover the history of working children.They have created around 30,000 photographic images of working and street children in Karnataka and Tamil Nadu in 2006 & 2007. Details more. View Photos.

Children of the Bornfree write their own scripts, direct, shoot and edit films. They need a great deal of theoretical, technical and financial support for these projects. 

Meanwhile, the Director, John Devaraj has been producing a number of films related to children. Take a look.
The Bornfree trains children in the style of contemporary, jazz, ballet, martial arts (Taichi and Kalaripayattu), folk dance and yoga.Classes are also oriented towards dance therapy. Dance education helps children to gain self-confidnce, self-awareness, and works as a therapy for those who are addicted to drugs, emotionally unstable and/or mentally or physically challenged, as it calms the mind, increases mind-body control and helps with concentration. More details....

In 2008, Dr. Mallika Sarabhai, one of the most prominent classical dancers and a social activist of India, worked with us in the Darpana Performing Arts Academy, Ahmedabad. View photos.

Theater is one of the main activities of the  Bornfree’s art program. As a means of building communication skills and creative expression, theater workshops are run where children do mirror exercises, team-building exercises, and trust games etc., as well as the basics of mime. Let's take a look at the Bornfree Production!