Oceans of Joy~to Celebrate Childhood~12 June 2012, at KH Kalasoudha

What's Happening?

12th June is the International Day against Child Labour celebrated all over the world.The Bornfree Art School is organizing a dance-theater-music festival, “OCEANS OF JOY~to Celebrate Childhood” to celebrate million’s lost childhoods. 

Venue; K.H. Kalasoudha (Map)
5th Main Rd, Hanumanth Nagar, Azad Nagar, Bangalore (near Ramakrishna Ashram, Bull Temple Road)

Time; 12 June 2012, at 7pm
Entry Fees; Rs.100/ Rs.150 / Rs.200
{Tickets Available at Shopper's Stop, Bannergatha Rd, KH Kalasoudha, Fitness & Fairies, LDI, etc}

Book a ticket online here! 

Childhood is the most precious time when human beings grow intellectually, socially, culturally. However, in India, 134 million, in other words, every tenth Indian, is deprived of their own basic human rights.

“OCEANS OF JOY~to Celebrate Childhood” aims to encourage and empower children from various backgrounds who wish to learn the arts and execute their dreams on stage.This festival liberates many more children from distress and difficulties, gives them more confidence, self-respect and dignity. Secondly, it is to raise awareness about child labour, peace, child rights and environmental issues. They will pass on the values they will gain through a dance-theater production to the next generation.

Goal of the festival
To identify children with special potential and talent, whocould be led to the professional level in the future. The Bornfree Art School proposes to launch Bornfree Dance Academy (BFDA) on this occasion. The purposes of BFDA are 1. To train former and working children in the various dance styles from folk to Western. 2. Professional dancers will have a platform where they can impart dance knowledge to such children. 3. To use dance as a medium of therapy; dance movement therapy, professional dance movement therapists can come and work with BFDA, 4. To create child and youth performers who could raise awareness about social issues as well as entertain the public
Cultural Expressions 
by former working and street children
Children from Bornfree Art School, Chaitanya and Prema Anjali are performing on the issue of child labour. They will be addressing their personal lives through dance and theater.

Respond to the Cause
Professional Dancers and Dance Companies will be responding to the social cause! They will be special guests to perform. Enjoy the extraordinary dance from ballet to salsa!!! Look at profiles of performers.
Have a look at our program. ( Shortly will be updated )

Volunteers Wanted!
You can be a part of this festival by volunteering for the fund-raising, selling tickets, coordinating with the Bornfree etc. We need your help to organize the show successfully. Please contact us by admin@bornfreeart.org or 9886011830