Artistic Production

Theatre / Puppet / Mime 
Spartacus Returns
Directed by John Devaraj
Production; 90 minutes(2004)
A child is not free until all children are free. Spartacus tells the story of a slave who threw a stone against the Roman Empire for 6000 slaves 2000 years ago. However, the slavery has been continued till now in this modern society… Spartacus Returns connects this ancient story of slavery to the current situation of child labour and inspires and educates the youth of today. We all need to act. We are all Spartacus.
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Shiroi Hana;
Directed by John Devaraj
Production; 25 minutes (2008)
When an atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima, it was said that there would be no plants and flowers to grow there for the next 75 years. Yet, after a year, a white flower, Shiroi Hana had come back to a life. India is currently spending Rs. 1000 per annum per head on war, but only Rs.4 per annum per head on education despite the fact that 134 million children are out of schools. Shiroi Hana asks why we are not choosing to spend our resources on human development instead of human destruction?

Shiroi Hana has been performed more than 50 times in schools and colleges in Bangalore, Ahmedabad, Amritsar and Cochin since 2008. This theater piece is linked with a peace education workshop to educate young children and adolescents in the war history such as Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Vietnam War, the Second World War, Bangladesh War etc. If we wish peace, we have to learn what war is all about. 

The Kite
Directed by John D
~15 minutes mime
Would you like to fly like a bird or a kite? Freedom is something that is given? Freedom is controlled by somebody like the kite is with a string attached? Here is a very exciting funny mime.

The Peasant
Directed by John Devaraj
10 minutes
India is an agricultural country and our lives are dependent on farmers. However, due to the globalization, farmers are not getting benefits out of their production, ending up with huge debts. This is a mime of farmer's suicide.

Heiwa Zou Resha (2011) NEW!!!
Directed by John Devaraj
Set in the beginning of the Second World War, it is about the plight of the zoo animals that have no way of protesting against an unnecessary war. When bombs are falling on Japan and there is no food for people. The Curator of the Nagoya Zoo is pleading for food for his animals in the Zoo. Instead of getting supplies, he is asked to shoot down the animals. He is questioned ‘Who is more important, human beings or animals? Indeed this is such a diabolical question. The lion, bears and cheetah are shot dead, two elephants die of starvation; and the curator is struggling to save the last two elephants. In 1945, two atomic bombs were thrown on Hiroshima and Nagasaki and Japan was completely destroyed. Go To More Details See Photos

Ananda~An Ode to Joy
Directed by John Devaraj
Production; 128 minutes (2010)

Ananda is a biographical work on street kids. Ananda, having been sent out of school worked as a tender coconut chopper forced into this job by his drunken father. Unable to do his homework, he is battered by his teacher. He runs away from school. Joins a bar and restaurant, learns drinking and smoking from his adult customers.
He sees his father among all the drunks; one day he smashes a glass of alcohol on the ground gets kicked out of his job. As he is walking away, he sees a petty shop, He looks at the sweets and is going for it when he sees the cash box open. He grabs as much change as he can, when the man shouts “thief, thief…”, he runs and runs but gets caught. He is jailed. He becomes a confirmed thief. When released, he meets a gang of street kids, and they share their histories. Read more details.
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Che Che;

Directed by John Devaraj
Mane Bootha
Bonda Boy
Che Che, a crazy goofy man who causes trouble and laughs but is always on the side of working and street children. Che Che is the first three installments of a comical yet powerful film series depicting the very real plight of child labour in India. Che Che, in a cinematic style similar to that of Charlie Chaplin’s slapstick critique of Hitler and the Third Reich, uses mime and humor to bring about awareness of the Indian system which hypocritically both prohibits and supports child labor. 

Dance NEW!!!
Bornfree Dance was launced on 12th June 2012, International Day against Child Labour. BFD is where children are trained in dance techniques and performances and they will be guided to become professionals. They have regular trainings at the Bornfree as well as the dance facilitators do outreach programs in schools, colleges and coperates to train them in dance. Read more....
Black Swan 
Production; 6 minutes
is a contemporary dance piece from Heiwa Zou Resha. It expresses beauty of black swans and pink flamingos which end ubeing threatened by the war. It was partially choreographed with improvisation by students of the Bornfree. 
No Not Again 
is a contemporary dance piece from Heiwa Zou Resha. It dramatizes the pains of those who are bombed by an atomic bomb and expresses the deep sorrow and horror.

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Children are working on water-colour paintings and serigraphy. The have worked on the topic of Hiroshima-Nagasaki bombings and those paintings were exhibited in Hiroshima City in 2007 and 2008. See their Artworks

Children who come to the BF initially are introduced a clay modelling which is a therapeutic process for them. Along with the study of drawing and painting, children build sculptures. There are fantastic sculptures made by them and you can support the BF and a child as an artist by purchasing his/her sculpture. View photos.