Bornfree Dance

Bornfree Dance (BFD)
On the 12th June, 2012, the Bornfree Art School launched the Bornfree Dance (BFD). The purposes of BFD are 1. To train former and working children in the various dace styles from folk to Western. 2. Professional dancers will have a platform where they cn impart dance knowledge to such children. 3. To use dance as amedium of therapy; dance movement therapy, professional dance movement therapists can come and work with BFD, 4. To create  child and youth performers who could raise awarenss about social issues as well as entertain the public.
Children are trained in
folk dance, classical ballet, contemporary, jazz, hip-hop, and many more....

Interested in teaching?
Dancers!!! Are you interested in teaching our children? Of course, you can! You can teach any style of dance to our children. Contact us! 

Photo Gallery
Have a look at our production. Here...

Folk Dance
is a traditional South Indian folk dance. The Bornfree is creating a new dance folk dance tradition of Hulivesha to talk about saving tigers and make this dance keep alive. Invite us to perform!
Thali Dance
is a folk dance with a plate from Madya Pradesh. The Bornfree children were trained to perform Thali Dance by Dr. Mallika Sarabhai and her troupe, Darpana in 2007. Since then, we have been performing this unique folk dance.

Contemporary Dance
(3.5 min ) Children from the economically deprived backgrounds end up doing meager jobs to earn daily needs for their families. Many working children color the streets of Bangalore with balloons, toys, and windmills. Marappa and Lakshmi used to sell toys at the Southend Circle before they joined the Bornfree. There are more than 80,000 children on the streets in Bangalore today.

Encounter (1 min ) According to 2011 Census, India has achieved 74% literacy rate. Yet the literacy rate of girls is as low as 64%. In Karnataka alone, almost three lakhs children are estimated to have dropped out from the school. If you “educate one girl child, it is like opening a school” we say. Children should liberate other child who has no access to education. No child is free until all children are free! 

Ravi Bond (7 mins ) 
Ravi was bonded as a slave in Anekal, and cut rows of roses every day. In Anekal, one child cuts 10,000 roses per day for 30 rupees. Bangalore is a capital of roses and ships to the world, reaching Europe, Japan, and Singapore and all over and sold cheaper than the child gets. In Bangalore, at the signal junction, children are selling roses. When the Valentine Day comes, let us say three beautiful words “Stop Child Labor”!

Black Swan 
Production; 6 minute
is a contemporary dance piece from Heiwa Zou Resha. It expresses beauty of black swans and pink flamingos which end ubeing threatened by the war. It was partially choreographed with improvisation by students of the Bornfree. 
No Not Again ( 4 mins )
is a contemporary dance piece from Heiwa Zou Resha. It dramatizes the pains of those who are bombed by an atomic bomb and expresses the deep sorrow and horror.

Makkala Bagge~Children’s appeal ( 3 mins ) Domestic child laborers are still culturally common. Over two lahks are estimated as domestic child laborers and, out of which 75% is between 12 and 16. Many of them are lured, trafficked and slaved, being in danger of physical and sexual exploitation. Domestic child labor law, known as the Child Labor Prohibition (and Regulation) Act 1986 has banned domestic work by children in 2006. There is a need to change the mindsets of people who traditionally employ young children, typically the middle-class and the affluent.