Heiwa Zou Resha

New Production~Heiwa Zou Resha
We present Heiwa Zou Resha~Peace Elephant Train; a puppet-dance- Circus theater production. 

It is all about animal-man conflict, children in war and peace, the defense and the protection of our wild life and children’s rights. Zou Resha is especially dedicated to save our Tigers and our elephants based on the real story in which participated Pandit Jahawarlal Nehru, as he gifted the Baby Elephant Indira to Japan. The philosophical binding of India and Japan is through the value of non-violence practiced by Mahatma Gandhiji and the Article 9 of the Japanese Constitution which prohibits Japan from having an army. 

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Spectacular Performance! Fantasy ~Dance-Circus ~Theater in the fusion styles; 
this fantastic musical ~ballet~ mime, and puppet theater about animals, mother earth, war, peace, and need to protect our children will be performed in a circus dance form with high energy. encompassing high fantasy images, vibrant music, giant puppets, and a whole lot of fun involving the audiences. The lyrics are rendered in every contemporary musical style combining modern rap, jazz, blues and heady reggae, using African, Indian drums, Zamponia, Andean flutes. The dance forms uses contemporary, ballet, jazz, using elements of Kalaripayattu, Indian traditional martial art form, Samba, Native American dance forms. 

The performers are a fine blend of professionals, school and college students, Above all by former working, street and bonded labour children; we are training children who are in distress and toil, and they will be the main actors and dancers in the show. 

What we would like to communicate; 
  • Culture of Peace; Wars and Children; Children are the first victims of war followed by women. There are 134 million working children in India. Every tenth Indian is a working child. Everything we use in our daily lives are products of child labour The narrative follows a chronology of events before, during and after the war bringing it to the contemporary world of nuclear wars and offer the Kempo Kyujo as the solution. Kempo Kyujo is the Article 9 of the Japanese constitution which prohibits the country from forming an army, getting armed with nuclear weapons and joining wars. While there are 30 000 Nuclear war weapons in 10 countries of the world Twenty five countries like Costa Rica have banned their armies They have almost 100% literacy rate instead. We wish to spread the idea of Kempo Kyujo as well. 
  •  Mother Nature; the story has a direct link to zoos and the protection of wild life in the wild and zoological gardens. It is very compelling and seeks the urgent sensitization of the world on the very delicate balance of life and the saving of endangered species The Tiger foremost, now reduced to 1114 in India! 
Why we would like to perform; 
  • Social Awareness; The play will raise awareness about peace, child rights and environmental issues through fun learning process among young people and the public. They will pass on the values they will gain through the production to the next generation. 
  • Cultural Liberation; The play liberates many more children from distress and difficulties and empower and encourage them strongly. To get sensitized about the issue. 
  • The Bornfree Corpus fund; The resources that are generated through the performances will fund the education and liberation of the Bornfree School children and for the production of Artistic expressions. 
We wish to perform Heiwa Zou Resha in your prestigious institute. Please give us a day and time. Kindly respond to our request for the performance.