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Share your talent and your resources- we are always looking for talented and enthusiastic volunteers to share their time and knowledge with the children of Bornfree. This is a chance to work closely with former working children; as you share your skills, you will have the opportunity to learn about the issue of child labor and Bornfree's unique philosophy of education through entertainment and entertainment through education.

How could I volunteer?
a. Contribute to Literacy: Tutor children in basic reading and writing in English, Hindi, and/or Kannada; mathematics; sciences, history, computer skills etc. Details more about what you can TEACH!

b. Contribute to the Arts: share your creative knowledge of sculpting, clay molding, music, dance, painting, theater, photography (or anything else!).

Please fill up a Volunteer Registration Form detailing your availability and volunteer preferences and email it to We will then get in touch with you via phone or email to discuss a schedule. 

The Bornfree is an excellent place for you to gain hands-on experiences if you would like to pursue your career in the field of NGO, the United Nations, CSR sections of the company, etc. You will have a deeper perspectives of children in distress and have an opportunity to work with them directly. 

If you are a degree or post graduate student and look for a research topic for your dissertation, the Bornfree offers you an opportunity to go for it. You will be guided and given the whole perspective of the social issue related to children in India. Apply 

Please fill up an application form for the internship. 

As a professional artist /social worker/educationalist/ marketeer/ public relation officer etc, you can work with us. Please contact us by email.
We are looking for;
  • a fundraiser /event organizer
  • ragi project coordinator / ragi marketeer
  • literacy teachers who can teach subjects (Kannada, English, Hindi, Social Science, Science, Mathematics) in Kannada and English (1st to 10th standard)
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