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The Bornfree Art School focuses on a formal/non-formal education for children. Every child has a right to free education so does the Right to Education 2010 says. Through the artistic works and its intervention, children will realize the importance of education. Children will be encouraged to pursue a higher education after the successful completion of the 10th board examination.
Formal Education
We are sending students to the formal school such as St. Joseph’s Indian High School, Bangalore. We believe that children should go back to education which is our first priority in the Bornfree.

Informal Education
Informal education is a system in which school dropouts learn basics of reading, writing and mathematics in order to go back to the formal education. NCLP, National Child Labour Project run by the Central Government is a common curriculum where dropout kids learn basics. Anand, Subramani, Jallali, and many more were gone through NCLP classes. After the NCLP, children can directly write the 7th Standard exams in the NGOs. Adolescents who are above 16 years old can directly apply for the Karnataka Open School examinations run by the Government of Karnataka. They need to study six subjects in Kannada. Otherwise, they can apply for the National Open School run by the Central Government and this is an English medium. 

The Bornfree Education Funds;
The Bornfree believes that children should go back to the mainstream of education. Each child should have a scholarship of which she/he can decide how they can use money for their studies. Each one has his/ her own bank account to deposit money.You can fund a child's education by supporting his/her fees, buying them notebooks, stationeries, etc.You can support one child after you see the profile or have already met them and knew them and feel like to support his / her education (Take a look at Voices of Kids!). You can send us funds through a cheque (in favor of Bornfree Art School International) or bank account (please contact us directly). Here is a budget.

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Bornfree Education 2013

The Bornfree Art School believes that education is our right and has to be ensured for all children. We support children’s education up to the degree and post graduate level. We have about 20 children and young artists with us this year.



Kiran JK
, 18

Joined the Bornfree in 2006. He was a ragpicker near the East Station, Bangalore. He has been trained in music, painting, theater and sculpting and now a sound engineer of the Bornfree. He successfully passed the 10th SSLC exam and now joins the V.V.Puram College. He is interested in vehicles and takes in charge of taking care of them. Kiran is a very neat and responsible person. He lost his father last year and his mother is still in struggle in her life. He is elected as a student leader of the Bornfree.

Subramanya D, 18

Joined the Bornfree in 2007. He acted in “Spartacus Returns”,”Shiroi Hana” and “Heiwa Zou Resha”. He acted as Anand in “Ananda~an Ode to Joy”. In 2012, he worked as an assistant director of Twinsdirected by John Devaraj. He has desired to become a stage actor. He decides to pursue visual arts and acting as well as writing the 2nd PUC exam directly. He wants to join the National School of Drama, Bangalore in 2012.

Robin Balu, 23

Joined the Bornfree in 2006. He is a professional musician. He successfully has done the 10th exam at the Karnataka Open School. He is willing to earn a bachelor of music at the university. He decides to write the 2nd PUC exam directly. He is a music facilitator at the Bornfree.

Suman, 16
Joined the B
ornfree in 2009. He has lost his parents when he was very young. Since then, he had worked in many places. He has grown interests in studies through dance and msuci. He is now all set to study. He wants to become a dancer.He is currently studying 8th standard at Government School.

Marappa, 15
Joined the Bornfree in 2010. He has lost his parents and became a working child at the South End Circle. He is studying the 8th standard at the Loyala School, Kanakapura Road. He is a great natural performer. He has done the production “Shiroi Hana”, “Heiwa Zou Resha”, “Ravi Bond”, “Windmill” and“Encounter”.
, 14

Joined the Bornfree in 2010. She was selling toys at the South End Circle for her father’s drinks. She joined the Bornfree after having seen the shooting of “Ananda~an Ode to Joy”.She ran away to Sira where her younger brother is still in bondage with her aunt. She was rescued with the help of Aljazeera TV Channel. Now she goes to the Government School and studies the 5th Standard. She wants to become a dancer. She is a great natural actor.


, 13, j
oined the Bornfree in 2011. He has left school and just roamed around with his friends on the streets. He was taken to the Bornfree by Ravi C. He has done the production “Heiwa Zou Resha” and “Encounter”.


,10, j
oined the BF in 2012. She discontinued the study and selling roses at the JP Nagar junction. She has acted in the short film “Three Beautiful Words” and done the production “Encounter” and “Windmill”.

Channna Basva, 10

Joined the BF in 2011. He migrated from Gulbarga, North Karnataka and did not go to school after he came to Bangalore. Now he is doing the 2ndstandard at the Government School. He has done the production “Encounter”.
, 6, j
oined the BF in 2012. She did not go to school since her parents are ragpicking and living on the streets. She is now going to the Government school. She has done the production “Windmill”and “Encounter”.