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What to TEACH and for WHOM?

Higher Study
2nd PUC
Subramanya and Robin Balu; They are going to write the 2nd PUC directly this year. The combination of his study is History, Economics, Political Science and Sociology. Medium of Instruction is Kannada.
1st PUC;
Kiran JK and Venkatesh; Both of them are going to V.V. Puram College and they took arts. Medium of Instruction is Kannada.
High School
10th; SSLC Exam (Kannada Medium)
This is a crucial academic year and children are struggling to success the exam. We really need your help for them! 
Reshma; Maths, English, Hindi, Kannada, Social Science (She is doing a curriculum of the Karnataka Open School.)
Ravi; Maths, Hindi
Peter; Maths, Hindi
Middle School
Primary (Kannada Medium)  
Suman(7th),Marappa(7th), Santosh(6th)Lakshmi (4th), Shilpa(3rd), and Ranjitha(2nd) are going to the Government School, Kannada medium. Follow up for the daily-learnings is required.

Special Coaching (to generate interests in studies)
Srinivas S used to go to school, but dropped out because they feel older in comparison with other children in the classrooms and both of them have no basic learnings. They are not going to school right now, but learning arts at the Bornfree. They need to be interested in study itself, so our priority for two of them is to focus on creative learning rather than academic studies.

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