Building Bornfree Bornfree Building

The Bornfree needs a permanent shelter and art studios to create a culture of liberation of toiling children. We want to raise a Langar where children can walk in to have free food, which will lead them to the Bornfree Art School.

The Architectural Style
The Mungloo is a house of mud. When you build a house out of ice,  it is called Igloo. When you build out of Munn{mud in south Indian language}, it is called Mungloo. This is the archetectural style for Building the Bornfree Art School. It  is based on the Anthill construction by the diminutive Ants. Once long ago, I saw in a mud Architecture exhibition;  this story of an African Savanah architect who was leaving for Europe to do his Masters in Architecture. As he was going to the Airport by a bus and when they were to cross a bridge, there was a flash flood. The waters rose high and the steel girder bridge was washed away and down under in less than 4 hours. The waters receded and  the bridge was gone. But right in the middle of the river on an island stood firm an anthill. This was my introduction to Mud structures and the strength of the material. Best known to humankind. widely practised in the world. The oldest structure is in Morocco, over 500 years old.

Anthill Architecture
The Anthill Architecture follows the principle of the earth out of the womb like the birth of a newborn and heap it out. It is an avant-garde architecture. The Ants are bringing in the particles of earth and mix it with formic acid that they manufacture and heap 
it up in a instinctly coordinated effort.

They did not alter the existing material or composition of the earth. They only rearranged  it in a natural organic way. There is no leader among the ants. The Anthem of the ants is to follow its natural behaviour.  Each knows exactly where to put the particle. With thousands of ant kar sevaks participating the Anthill crater rising fast. The ants are encoded and embedded with the natural science of building nesting and resting places. It is deep inside and a genetic code. It is only man who has to have a plan before building…but an ant will let you photographs its work of Art after construction. So I say…The Anthem of the ants Nothing to beat and bang. Do your thing and you’ll always swing

The Community. When all the these individual cells come together and formed into UNITY. Here is the Community space.

Anthill Building
The Anthill building follows the same principle for building. The earth particles are  taken out of the earth and heaped up! It is 18 feet diameter and 3 feet deep. With a 3 wide feet platform inset a 24 diameter foundation pit is dug. It is filled with rubble and finished with size stone masonry one foot above the ground level. Only when you cut  freely,  growing tree will a straight line be formed. The excavated earth is tested for gravel and soil content and composition. Proportionate cement is mixed into a semi dry mix with water. It is then rammed to make bricks for building.  Curing the Adobes for a week and is ready for construction. Only when you find harmony with nature, build along with nature and reflect the spiritual elements of nature in it. Then you create a natural h  ome.

The anthill structure has four levels. The below the ground level, 18feet diameter with a clear area of 255 sft. A second level three feet wide platform area of 198 sft. Third level first floor is 453 sft and the study attic the fourth space at height 16feet ; 113 sft, WC:154, bath at first floor 154,  Kitchen315 sft,  study at first floor 315. A total built area is 1957 sft. 

View to the sky from beneath

The processes of building is based on voluntarism.  In India, it is called Kar Seva,  do service. People can contribute material, money skills and labour, carved from the earth. It is a celebration and  feast of buildingGrowing and enjoy a home. of 1957 sft.  Well suited for 6 persons’ comfortable living per home.

Project Cost; Rs. 5,000,000-------Budget is here!
inclusive of registration of the land, purchasing of the land, homes for children, music studio, dance floor, theatre stage, film editing studio, etc.....

More Details......Project Paper; Download!