Photo Gallery

Bornfree Dance
 is a group of Bornfree children who are trained in various styles of dance by professional dancers.

Bornfree Dance

Have a look at the Bornfree kids' daily lives! 

Bornfree Daily Lives

Photos of Heiwa Zou Resha ~ a dance theatre production...Details more!

Heiwa Zou Resha ~ Bangalore Show

 History Expedition~ a photographic image of working and street children. Details more! 

The History Expedition ~ A photographic documentation by children of the Bornfree

Shiroi Hana~ a dance-theater about Hiroshima Nagasaki Bombings

Shiroi Hana

Che Che ~
A short comedy film produced by John Devaraj

Che Che ~ a return of Charlie Chaplin