Voices of Kids

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Young Leaders 
Subramani is an excellent,  extraordinary talented actor and a speaker. He grew interests in  education through his involvement of the first theatre, Spartacus Returns performed by Bornfree. He is pursuig theater and studying the 2nd PUC. Read about his fantastic life story. See his work.

Kiran JK
Kiran is a passionate musician and he is crazy about vehicles. He is a self-thought driver and assists any kind of vehicle jobs at the Bornfree. He has started to take a responsibility at the BF and growing as one of the leading members right now. Currently He is studying at the V.V.Puram College, Bangalore.

Young Children
Santosh's  father passed away when he was small, therefore his mother has to live in a difficulty working as a domestic maid. He used to roam around in Jayanagar with friends, failing to go to school. He was liberated by Jonny one day and came to the BF. He is enthusiastic about dance and theater. The dance and theater trainings will help him more focused, which leads him better in academic studies.

has just joined the Bornfree this year. He is very enthusiastic to learn arts. Very good intelligent actor and dancer.
Channa was liberated by Jonny and came to the Bornfree in 2011. He is enthusiastic to learn dance and gymnastics. He is studying the 1st standard at the Government School.

was selling roses for her family, earning Rs.300 per day at the JP Nagar junction. She was liberated and joined the Bornfree in February 2012. Right now she is studying the 2nd standard. 

Ranjitha is the youngest member of Bornfree. She was picked up by John Devaraj at the 4th Block Jayanagar. Her parents are drug addicted and begging on the streets. She is enrolled at the Government School.

has just joined the Bornfree this year. He is very enthusiastic to learn arts.

has just joined the Bornfree this year. He is very enthusiastic to learn arts.
Young Artists
Marappa is a very fine actor and enthusiastic dancer. He is eager to learn anything and absorbs everything he takes. He is playing a leading role as a small boy in No Not AgainHeiwa Zou Resha. Read his dramatic life story.

is a very meticulous person and good dancer. He has overcome many difficulties in his life, but now concentrates on his studies in school. He is doing 8th standard. His dream is to become a dancer.

She loves dancing and is always eager to challenge herself. Lakshimi is a younger sister of Marappa and she came to the Bornfree when John Devaraj was shooting "Ananda" at the Jayanagar 4th Block. She stayed for a year so in 2010 and went back to her relatives. After that she went to Sira, 130kms away from Bangalore to stay with her grandmother and anti. Since then the life had been turned  miserable; she was made to fetch water all the time, not fed properly by her anti etc. In October, thanks to Aljazeera's report, we were able to locate her in Sira and successfully brought her back to the Bornfree. She is featured by the film "My sis Laxmi" directed and filmed by Gautam Sighn. This film got a merit in Berlin International Film Festival 2013. Read more!

Children on the streets
Anita was picked up during the shooting of Ananda film in 2010 and she has been very happy with being with us. She was going to school and very good at sports, having won some trophies in sports. However, she was not able to catch up at the classes, which could be a reason for her to trigger to leave the Bornfree after she contacted her family. She must have a dream of reunion of the family. Right now we are searching for her. 

Fazal is one of the original members of the Bornfree and has been on and off at the BF. He is severely addicted to drugs, which is the strong reason that he could not stay and get rehabilitated consistently. We have tried a medical treatment at the de-addiction centre at the NIMHANS, Bangalore. However, till today, he was not able to get rid of its habit. Still, he has a tremendous love for the Bornfree and he never forgets that John Devaraj is the person who helps his life. John has written a song about him, which is called "Gazel for Fazal" in the album of Songs for Freedom.
was selling roses for her grandmother, earning Rs.300 per day at the JP Nagar junction. She was liberated and joined the Bornfree in January 2012. Right now she is studying the 2nd standard. 

Robin Balu
Robin is a professional drummer. He was an active student from 2006 to 2008. When he was at the Bornfree, he learnt drumming, helped driving during the Peacebycycle, helped the farming project at the Bornfree Farm. Currrently, he is working as a music teacher at  several NGOs. With the help of the Bornfree, he successfully passed the 10th standard exam at the KOS in 2011. He is planning to study at the PUC in 2012. Robin is also helping the Bornfree Ragi Project.He is a highly self-motivated young dalit leader at his village.
Jayaram was the 1st year student (2005) and stayed with us till 2008. He was one of the most mischievous street kid in Jayanagar,  which is described as 
his real life story in Ananda film. During his time at the Bornfree, he learnt sculpting, painting, photography, acting etc. Currently, he is doing artistic work and he set up his own small studio where he paints. He performs with Agni. He also successfully worked as a volunteer in Poland for six months in 2011.  
Anthony Das
Anthony was a sign-board painter when he was around eight. He joined the Bornfree when we performed Spartacus Returns. He took some excellent photographs during the History Expedition in 2006. He was good at drumming, dancing as well as being neat in whatever he did. He was the first student who went to the St. Joseph's Indian High School and successfully finished the 10th exam. Currently, he is working as a graphic designer, operating Coredral, PhotoAdobeshop etc. 
Srinivas S
Srinivas was also in the first year batch and at that time he was the most senior. He always wrote poems about children, inequality that prevails in the Indian Society. Though he had no formal education, he was a political poet. He was good at acting, dancing, sculpting, painting, photography, as well as taking care of children. After he left the Bornfree, he found his life path in dance. Currently, he is working as a  dance teacher as well as a choreographer. 
Sanjana Juanita D
Sanjana was a star performer at Shiroi Hana and acted as Durga in Ananda film. Frida brought her to the Bornfree in 2007 and stayed till 2010. She has a great natural acting skill which she perhaps gained in her harsh life. She is from Dharwad, the North Karnataka and she ended up being a house maid in Ahmedabad and Mumbai. She left the BF in order to have another new marriage life.
Gowri Gazella
Gowri is a good folk dancer, especially very outstanding at Hulivesha. She had to increase a memory power by getting trained in dance. She has been trained in the classical ballet and jazz by Yana Lewis, a renowned certified ballet teacher from the UK. She is independent right now.

Elisabeth joined the Bornfree in 2007 and stayed till 2009. She is always eager to learn and study. She is pursuing a degree at the St.Joseph's Evening College, Bangalore. She was also a delegate for Indo-Sweden Youth Exchange in 2010.  

List of Members (Since 2005)
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