Voices of Volunteers

Volunteers come from all over the world as well as from India. They share their academic and artistic knowledge as well as experience real Indian culture and life.  
Akiko is a musician, trained in piano and violin. She is imparting her musical knowledge with the Bornfree kids. She has trained children in Christmas carols as well as vocals. Right now she is working on music with John Devaraj for the new film "Twins".

Kitty is a young student from China and has committed herself at the Bornfree for a month. She has taught English, maths and Cha-Cha. She used to cook for children and they all loved her food! She says "the best way to learn a country and its culture is to live and work with local people. I was really very lucky to have this chance living with the Bornfree kids, which made me understand India a lot. What made me feel most proud and happy was that the children said they liked the Indian food I cooked for them.

Tracy Lord has trained children in theater in 2006-2007. She has made a drama about child labuor and presented at the Childrenize the World at the end of 2007. 

Valentina Gandar from Austria has volunteered for us in 2007. She has taught English and especially Kiran, who had never been to school at that time, has grown interests in schooling because of her dedication.  

Sadie Few is an artist from England and she has taught painting to children. She also organized the painting exhibition at Kala Soudha at the end of her volunteering work. Look at the exhibition "Good Life and Bad Life~Freedom from Toil".

Latin America
Ursela is from Peru and she has volunteered with us for a month. She has choreographed an Andes dance and presented at the Bornfree as well as at the Government School.