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Story of Heiwa Zou Resha

Set in the beginning of the Second World War, it is about the plight of the zoo animals that have no way of protesting against an unnecessary war. When bombs are falling on Japan and there is no food for people. The Curator of the Nagoya Zoo is pleading for food for his animals in the Zoo. Instead of getting supplies, he is asked to shoot down the animals. He is questioned ‘Who is more important, human beings or animals? Indeed this is such a diabolical question. The lion, bears and cheetah are shot dead, two elephants die of starvation; and the curator is struggling to save the last two elephants. In 1945, two atomic bombs were thrown on Hiroshima and Nagasaki and Japan was completely destroyed. 

During the democratization process, thousands of children from Tokyo and all over Japan are asking for the elephants to be brought to their cities; which is impossible. The railway authorities respond by introducing a special train, from Tokyo to Nagoya called the Elephant train. 

From India with love 
Jawaharlal Nehru the then prime minister of India heard about this story and made a magnanimous gift to the children of Japan. He gave a baby Elephant, Indira as a present to the children of Japan Children of Asia will walk with India to Japan with the Heiwa Zou Resha………