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World's Tallest Earthen Pot




Pot~25 feet

The world’s tallest earthen pot is a melting pot of culture. The construction of it has just been completed at the Bonsai garden of the famous botanical Gardens of Lalbagh, Bangalore  Built in five segments, when put together it will freely rise up to a height of 26feet. After shrinking it will measure 25ft from bottom to the top. It will be 15ft taller than the present Korean pot which is 10ft tall.

John Devaraj has designed and built the melting pot of Culture along with the students of Bornfree Art School Team of La Frida, Subramani, Arvind, Tina, Prashanth. 

People from all over India and from over 30 countries  France, England, Malaysia, Nepal, Bangladesh, Costa Rica, Poland, Sweden, Austria, Mongolia, China, Russia, US, Canada, Croatia, Slovakia, Abu Dhabi, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Iran, Japan, Slovenia, Philippines, Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland, Ireland, South Africa, Ethiopian, Azerbaijan have made this  sculpture possible.

The melting pot of Culture represents the culture of nature which is a culture of Peace. It symbolizes the tolerant hospitable culture of the people of Bangalore. Like many leaves in one great tree. Many children to one great mother, Mother Earth. The Pot rises from the womb of the earth. From dust to dust!

It is the epitome of harmony between humans and nature. The melting pot of culture is an eternal statement by children to defend mother earth and safeguard it as Khalil Gibran says ‘This world is not what we have inherited from our ancestors but what we have borrowed from our children’ Inscribed on the pot are the words “This world is beautiful save it for our children”