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You can support the Bornfree Art School by various ways!


Bornfree Workshops

Have the Bornfree come to your school and run a creative workshop? 
We offer workshops in Dance, Drumming, Song Writing, Instrument Making, Sculpture, Theater, Puppet making, Photography, Painting etc.

Screen a Bornfree Film

At your school, college or business community! The Bornfree has put together several performances which showcase the talents of young formerly-working children including AnandaChe Che, Shiroi Hana and the History Expedition

Contact Us to arrange to have the Bornfree come and screen one or more of our films in your community!

Provide a Space

Provide a space for the Bornfree to practice music, theater or dance, or for the Bornfree students to study in a quiet atmosphere.

Financial Support

Support to run the Bornfree!
Fund the education of a Bornfree student! This type of regular and ongoing support allows the Bornfree to create feasible long-term financial plans and budgets. This sort of long-term financial planning promotes sustainability and allows the Bornfree to grow. 

Support Children's Education!

You can support children's education for school clothes, shoes, bags, book, stationaries, etc. Contact Us for the details.

Contribute Materials

1. art and study materials (first and second hand) such as sculpting tools, paints, brushes, pencils, computers, notebooks, drawing books, music notation books, dance costumes, music instruments, digital cameras, filming cameras, etc.
2. Clothes; Usable but unwanted ones. They have to be washed before handing over. We need T-shirts, jeans, pants, warm clothes, sports-wears, shoes, sandals, dance-wears etc. Children are between 7 and 20 year-old girls and boys.

Form a Bornfree Support Group

Not living in Bangalore, but want to join the movement of the Bornfree? 

Form a supporting Bornfree group! If you have like-minded friends, colleagues etc who want to support the Bornfree movement, form a group and spread the idea of the Bornfree! Here are some ways to bring Bornfree to your community;

a. Screen the History Expedition film in your schools, colleges, workplaces, NGOs, private institutions, public places, events etc. Afterwards, lead a discussion on the subject of child labour and the right of children to education.

b. Contact the Bornfree and we can send you materials, information and artwork to exhibit and/or sell in your schools, colleges, workplaces, etc.

c. Take up productions; performing mimes, Shiroi Hana, Spartacus Returns, etc in your group ( The Bornfree can come and train you.)

d. Collect contributions to support the Bornfree Art School,

Please Contact Us for the details.

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