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Bornfree Art International

Our team is comprised of members who came from the street, got educated and are capable of leading activities of the Bornfree as well as those who are social concerned and dedicated as artists, coordinators, volunteers etc.

Team: ようこそ!

Artistic Director & Co-Founder, Bornfree Art School

John is the Co-founder and the Artistic Director of the Bornfree Art School as well as the trustee. He is an engineer by education, but an artist of the artists by his passion.


Artist in charge of Chikkaballapura

Robin is a professional drummer with a folk music group "Indian Folk Band". He was an active student at the Bornfree from 2006 to 2008. And learnt drumming, which made him become a professional artist down the road.


Artist in charge of Japayamangala

Frida is a gifted artist born in the Bornfree and conducting art workshops for children at Jayamangala village (outskirts of Bangalore). She identifies herself as a photographer, however, she is capable of making sculptures, drawings, designing, dancing and singing.

Roza Mystica.JPG

Artist in charge of Banjarapalya School 

Malaika is a dedicated artist at the Bornfree and her dream is becoming a mother of street children and underprivileged children. Since she joined the Bornfree, she has developed her multi-talent in art - sculpting, drawing, painting, dancing and singing. Currently, she takes care of activities at the government school in Banjarapalya (suburb of Bangalore).


Coordinator & Co-Founder, Bornfree Art Japan

Shiho is based in Bangalore as a coordinator of art projets and workshops at the Bornfree as well as international projects between India and Japan.


Co-Founder, Bornfree Art School & Co-Founder, Bornfree Art Japan

Mioi is a dance movement psychotherapist as her profession as well as an artist, child rights and peace movement activist. She established the Bornfree Art School with John in 2005.
After 11 years of the experience at the Bornfree, she chose to become a dance movement psychotherapist in the UK and shifted to Australia.

We are always looking for talented and enthusiastic volunteers to share their time and knowledge with us. 

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