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We produced a lot of Film as well as report of the projects.
Please check our Passion and Mission through the real scene and Voice.

Video: ミッション
Video: Video
Rosa Mystica
John Devaraj

Rosa Mystica

Rosa Epilogue. Rosa was a six year young child . She had the dubious distinction of burying her mother when she was 6 years old. She said O great people of this earth, Hear thee about my birth! I was not asked to be born Nobody asks an unborn! Do you want to be born? My mama didn't ask me... Yet she was thrown, Without a crown, In the Sarjapur gutter! She made no flutter... I was born wild, born a working child. In mama's arms she lay; As she begged her way, She tied me in a rag; And put in a bag. At two weeks age She was a working sage! I learnt to run before I crawled, I crawled before I turned? To every passersby, For one or two pi! A 100 million like me Toiling in this land, take two minutes, To stop by find out ... The mystery... of Rosa Mystica. About Reshmas Story. Reshma came to the Bornfree , very funny, laughing and soft spoken. She was intense and preoccupied experiencing blank spots. When I asked her what was Troubling her...she told me this she came by and her experience with her mother. She was alone whith her mother in her last journey...she took her final resting place. She was barely six. She came across to me as the mysterious rose. I tried to understand her and children like Rosa who at six go through this hell. Children of the poor and homeless begin to toil as soon as they are born. In swaddling clothes nestling in the mothers arms they are on the street begging. John Devaraj Script ~Screenplay ~ Lyrics Music~ Cinematography~ Art Direction ~ Direction JOHN DEVARAJ
Video: テキスト
Video: ファイル
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