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Artists make History
Change the World

The arts are a powerful tool for searching out the truth and finding the spirit of the inner self, both of immense value in self and social education. 

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What is the "Bornfree"?

The Bornfree Art School is a special school created exclusively for street, working children and freed bonded labor children. The objective is to educate and develop these children through the arts, putting them back into the mainstream of education. Children will learn sculpture, painting, dance, music, theater, photography and filmmaking along with reading, writing, and mathematics. Education through entertainment and the sharing of knowledge are the core aspects to our dynamic process of learning. Art is a therapeutic means for children from such difficult backgrounds to express themselves freely, regain the confidence and self respect as well as to generate interest in education.

Not an NGO, but a People's Movement

Bornfree Art School is not the establishment of another school, but a movement for the liberation of toiling children. This movement has to involve the people and be continued by the people. The Bornfree Art School as a movement is not exclusive to India but needs to be travel and grow where child labour exists in the world.

Home: 作品集

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No.21, 2nd Cross, GH Layout, 3rd Block East Jayanagar Bangalore 560011 India


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