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Robin Balu Jambe

 Artist in charge of Chikkaballapura

Robin was an active student at the Bornfree from 2006 to 2008. When he was at the Bornfree, he learnt drumming, helped driving during the Peacebycycle and helped the farming project at the Bornfree Farm.  

Currently, he is an international Jambe player first time introducing the D’JAMBE South African instrument which had its origin long back ago in Karnataka's forestial area.

He has been playing the adopted Indian rhythms in the South African instrument D’JAMBE with a professional folk music group "Indian Folk Band", making research in lost folk instruments of India and reviving the Indian rhythms like Dhandya, Classical, Tappanguchi with some western beats. 

He has performed over the states of India and also in Singapore, China and Japan.

Robin Balu Jambe: スタッフご紹介
Robin Balu Jambe: テキスト
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