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Artist in charge of Banjarapalya School

Malaika was born and started begging in swaddling clothes with the mother on the street when she was aware. When she came to the Bornfree, she was a little girl who was very funny, laughing  and soft spoken.

However she was intense and preoccupied experiencing blank spots now and then. When John asked her what was troubling her, she told the story of how she came by and her experience with her mother at the age of 6.

John with the Bornfree children created the film "Rosa Mystica" in 2014 to keep track of her memory. After shooting the film, she has been becoming a strong and independent woman as an artist.

Malaika's original name was Reshma. But John has identified her as a talented artist and he named her as Malaika.

Malaika: スタッフご紹介
Malaika: テキスト
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